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Search Urban

Search Urban: the contemporary African American searching tool featuring the best black websites online.

Higher Learning

Featured Channel on theEzine for teens of color, showcasing academic, extracurical, talen, scholarship, and fellowship programs for students of color.

Black Bloggin

Black Bloggin provides helpful tips, support, and link exchange for African American bloggers.

Sista web

Sista web provides html/ graphics design tutorials, marketing tips, images/ black clipart, and sticky web content for developers of African American sites.

Black Online Entrepreneurs

Black Online Entrepreneurs is a resource blog / marketing tool.

Black Clipart Art on Msoy

African American clipart images and links.

Black Stock Photography

African American image links.

Black Parenting Blog

Helping Black parents is the key to helping black families. This is why Black Parenting Blog aims to keep African American families up to date on the latest websites, books, and news for black parents, children, and teens.

Black Professional Networks

Black Professional Networks explore the various forums, organizations, and online resources available to African American entrepreneurs and business owners.

msoy orginal publications

Read original books from msoy ranging from poetry, educational resource guide for African American children and teens, and story books for African American children. Turning pixels to print, msoy orginal publications strives to uphold the mission of Multiple S...

Urban Poets on msoy

Explore some of the the best black poetry sites online.

mUsic IN mE

mUsic IN mE is an interactive celebration of women of color in music.

Lil' Bits

African American Children's Books and Online Activities.

Lil' Bits Apparel

Cute Gear for Cute Kids! The Lil' Bits story book now has a wardrobe to match. A great resource for African American parents and friends.

Cyber Flicks for Cyber Chicks

an msoy original listing of online short films and animation for and about people of color

African American Comic Strips

African American Comic Strips

The Black Times

The Black Times e-newspaper was designed by LaShanda Henry. All it\\\'s content is literally on the cover; mouse over the articles and images for different links. TBT randomly displays quality black websites on a particular topic, along with a few related link...

Black News RSS Feeds

Worldwide Black News Coverage that you can depend on. Multiple Shades of You Online offers direct access to the best African American news feeds on the web.

Straight Black News

Straight Black News RSS Feeds is a compiled list of the free, advertising supported African American RSS news feeds from around the web.

Black Scene

Finally there is a place for African American movie goers and lovers of Black Media. Black Scene is my personal contribution to preserving our Cinematic History. It includes a growing list of websites and information about Black Movies, trailers, television sh...

Black Banners and Link Exchange on MSOY

Black Banners and Link Exchange on MSOY

Hip Hop Music Websites

Hip Hop Music Websites

Black Parenting Guide on MSOY

Find an extensive list of websites and articles for African American parents / black parenting.

Help for Black Single Moms

Help for Black Single Moms

Scholarships for Black Students

Find Scholarships for Black Students

Black Freebies

Find African American free stuff on the net. Contests, giveaways, discounts, dowloads, and tips!

Black Freebies Yahoo Group

Join the Black Freebies Group and have freebies sent to your inbox! Freeware, gifts, contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, downloads, special events, etc.

Black People News

Black People News: a site for those interested in finding and subscribing to Black Interest RSS feeds. Categories IncludeBlack Bloggers Black Books Review Black Business and Finance Black Celebrity News and Gossip Black Commentary Black Education Black Enterta...

A Little Black Know How

Write for ALBKH: African American Howtos, Reviews,

Black Quizzes

Find Black Quiz and Black Poll sites online.

Black Entertainment

Looking for Black Fun Online? Find websites that feature the best Black Entertainment Online. Music, Videos, Celebrities, Gossip, Film, Humor, Games, Events

Black Search Engines and Directories

Find Black Search Engines. Websites, Directory, Links, Listings

Black Affiliate Programs

Find Black Affiliate Programs. Marketing, Advertisting, Web Developers, Entrepreneurs

Black Toys and Games

Find websites that showcase Black - African - Ethnic Toys and Games.

Black Web Portals

Find Black Web Portals.

Black Personal Pages

Find Personal Black pages and websites.

Black Haircare Books and Magazines

Find websites that focus on Black Haircare Books and Magazines.

Afrocentric Learning Tools

The mission of Afrocentric Learning Tools is to highlight products and services that aim to educate Black Students and promote the development of Multicultural educational tools. The site includes lesson plan ideas, product reviews, news and resources for Blac...

mahogany momma

mahogany momma: A web guide for African American Moms

Books for Black Business Women

Books for Black Business Women, Professionals, Work at home moms, and entrepreneurs.

Black Professional Web

A Web Guide for African American Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs and Teenpreneurs

Networking Black Women Who Work at Home

This is a group for Black Business Women who work at home to network, get advice, and find new clientsAlso visit: Sistapreneurs Rock BlogAlso visit: Sistas Makin\\\' Money Network

Sistapreneurs Rock

An Online web guide for Black Business Women, Professionals, Work at home moms, and entrepreneurs.

Sistas Making Money

My goal is to create a space where Black Women to connect and share their entrepreneurial activities. I\\\'ve got alot of information to share and I hope you do too. Feel free to browse, utilize, and enjoy this space.

Black Writers Connect

A Community for African American writers, authors, self publishers, publishers, and book club leaders. A place for both writers and book lovers of color to connect, share experiences, work, advice and more. Start a blog, your own group, chat in forums and more...

Black Celeb Icons and Graphics

Find Black Icons and graphics from African American Cartoon characters to Black Celebrities and other Famous Black People. This is the perfect site for those looking for avatars or icons and those who are interested in Black Celeb Gossip, urban news, and myspa...

Black Moms Club - The Group

Connect with other Black Moms! Join the best network for black moms, african american parents, single moms and dads, and all mothers of color. Share stories, talk about your kids, and explore the black family together.


My spin on making money, internet marketing, black business, blogs, women entrepreneurs, urban lifestyle, and black culture.

Work and Web Women

A podcast series of audio podclasses created to help online entrepreneurs learn more about blogging, internet marketing, making money online, and working at home, being a work at home mom, and more.

Pretty Professional Websites

Original Website Designs, Word Press Themes, banners, logos, and custom graphics by LaShanda Henry.

Black Women Network

Social Networks and online communities for Black Women, and Women of Color designed by LaShanda Henry.

Free Smart Business Training

Women of Color Small Business Training - Free Trial - watch videos, webinars, teleseminars, download ebooks and more. For Women Entrepreneurs of Color, Black Business Women, Business Women of Color, Professional Black Women.

Business eBooks and Web Tools

Urban Webtools by LHenry featuring eBooks and web tools for business owners, black business, and entrepreneurs. eBooks about Networking, Marketing, Site Promotion, selling advertising, banner rotators, and more.

Web Tech Gurl

Free Small Business - Web Business - How-to Video Tuturials, Webinars, and Resources for Web Entrepreneurs and Women Entrepreneurs of Color. Learn About Social Networking, Internet Marketing, Web Design, Affiliate Programs, Google Adsense, being a work at home...

Black Business Web Tools

Black Business Web Tools: Find Small Business and Black Business Web Tools that can help you improve your online business.

Black Business AdSpace

Buy, Sell, and Find Black Advertising Space online. Perfect directory for Black Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Black eBooks - Online Bookstore

Find, Buy and Sell Black eBooks. Perfect directory for Black Authors and Black Entrepreneurs who want to sell ebooks online or enjoy reading literature from African American Authors.

Black Business Starter Kit

Free Starter Kit includes Black Business Tips and Social Networking Tips, Webinars, and more for Black Entrepreneurs Online.

Black Movies Online

Black Movies on Multiple Shades of You Online was created to bring our big screen to your computer screen. Now you can watch Black Movies online featuring original African American Short Films with amazing new talent as well as the black actors that we all kno...

I Watch Black Movies

Find Afican American Movies, Films, Black Movie Trailers, Web Episodes and more.


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