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eXerCise - diEting
If you want to lose that tummy, but are low on funds do some daily sit-ups. You’re probably thinking, been there, done that. But, perhaps you haven’t tried it my way. Most people try to do like a hundred on their first try, and give up at three! You start off all motivated and ready to burn the....

A Me Day
When life gets overwhelming its time to take a "Me Day." If you have not taken one yet, this is what you have to do: Make a list of your favorite past times, and forget about everything else. Go see that movie you wanted to, make up your own ...

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HealthNut articles range from stress busters, to exercise and dieting. With a few articles in between on sex, sexuality, beauty, etc.

|mUsT hAvE - book on beauty

  Born Beautiful: The African American Teenager's Complete Beauty Guide

Born Beautiful was written specifically for you–the African American teenager. Never before have your specific grooming needs been addressed. You are a unique individual. Fornay’s straightforwardness gives you up-to-date information about:

  • Daily Routines for Great Skin
  • Gorgeous Makeup from Day to Date
  • Chic Hairstyles & Care for Your Hair
  • Ten Steps to Fabulous Nails
  • Choosing the Right Colors for Your Best Look
  • Good Food for Fitness & Fortitude
  • Making Sense of Your Fragrance Choices
  • The "411" on Tattoos, Body Piercing & Other Fads
  • Beauty Tips from Your Favorite Celebs, Including Destiny’s Child, Brandy, and
  • Ananda Lewis

|link Up :: Sex and Sexuality

Are you at that age when you start to think about SEX? Well advocates for youth help young people make reponsibility decisions regarding sex.

Also for more infomation, visit these links:
  1. I Wanna Know: answers to your questions about teen sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Being girl is a nationwide website created for teens by teens, discussing health issues relevant to young girls. Topics range from:
    <1> Body Basics: get the lowdown about taking care of your body.
    <2> Periods: the difference between tampons and maxi pads.
    <3> Smoking: how to kick the habit.
    <4> Self Discovery: how body developments effect you.
    <5> Self esteem: creating/establishing a positive sense of self.
  3. Birth Control


HealthNut is not controlled or affiliated with any medical organization. This site contains content from regular people trying to provide free and helpful recommendations to those who wish to maintain healthy lives. If there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please contact lhenry@msoyonline.com.
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