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This Area is currently being revised. Enjoy the current links, the old ones will be back shortly.

BlakeRadio.com - Kids Cafe
Music, Poetry and Storytelling f or the children of the planet
Adara Blake (11 years old) and Ariel Blake (7 years old), are frequent contributors to the Kids Café channel. They suggest music, ideas and participate in many of the talk segments.

Bre'er Possum and the Snake
Storyteller Alice McGill performs her rendition of the folktale based on the stories by Joel Chandler Harris, author of Uncle Remus and other stories. Many of the Uncle Remus tales have been controversial for their negative stereotypes of blacks, yet are seen as important to the legacy of early black folk literature.

Cool Sites

African American World : Play Games, Send Ecards, and meet other kids.
African Arts: Children's pograms

reaDing Room for KIDS

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