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What Black Women Think - The Idea Behind this Website
by LaShanda Henry

I've recently watched quite a few television shows and youtube clips focused on Black Women, so I thought what better time than Woman's Month to put together a page all about Black Women and what we think about. From our straight to kinky hair, to our relationships and personal affairs, I wanted this space to be about the issues that affect African American, Carribean, Pan-African, Women of Color everyone. It is of course a work in progress so do check back for updates!

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Touched By Boys, Loved By Men
A collection of short poems and spoken word by Lashanda A. Henry.
About > Men. Family. Father. Love. Self.

My Taste I
Slowly he eased into the question
Are you bitter he asked?
Quickly disgusted by the one I trusted I thought, bitter?
Bitter, bitta
Think you think I think I'm a bit betta
Than everyone else now that everyone else has become my enemy
Villain she who overcomes all odds and forgets the act of forgetting
Never letting one piece of her pain go
Pity though she be - I be the victim
I be a bitter one at that

Are you bitter he asked?
Bitter betta feeling a bit under the weather
Black man you better taste me.
Taste your concoction
The one you auctioned off to the highest bidder when
Pussy juice and love songs weren't enough
The one you beat to make yourself feel better
When times got rough
The one you left to die at her own hand
Because living without you just wasn't enough

Without you
The Devil's brew the black man's stew
Overflowing with black breasts and thighs
Black lips and eyes and bitter hearts
A feast fit for gods above all odds you'll always have your
Main ingredient
Her bitter heart, her bitter heart, her bo-boop bo-boop

Bitter bitta betta
N-gga you betta not ask me 'bout my taste
Who you think made me taste this way

Paging Mr. Black
Who never seems to get back to me
How wack to be one of the many play things you have played wit
Sit at the pit of my stomach
Filled with eaten up memories
And undigested obsessions
Acidic confessions
Permanent heart burn

Paging Mr. Black
Please crack the secret of love
Shove that which is infinite onto my finite answering machine
In between the beep a woman screams

Your little girls seek fathers in fatherless little boys
Shattered and destroyed they treat their toys better than they would a girl child
All eyes grow wild on a paperless paper chase
A Godless race where faith hits the floor

Behind the second prize door
Grandmamma sits palms split from washing our clothes with bitter tears
She stares at door three where her daughters, our mammas be
Looking struggle straight in the eye with no way to run to

Door number one where we be
The daughters of category three
Climbing corporate ladders pushing flattery and instant gratification
Through our monetary veins as our remains remain loveless

Paging Mr. Black
Please get back to me before I turn my back to me
And we all leave this world alone

[Read More Poems]

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Black Heritage Month
Reaching Out To Black Teen Girls:I plan on adding a list of programs and organizations here for young girls. Until I do, please visit The Ezine, an online magazine for young Teens and Baby Girls ages 5-25.
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