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Black Parenting
Find the Best Black Web Content on Multiple Shades of You Online.

Black Parenting Websites
Black Parenting Blog
African American Educational Resources
African American Home Schoolers
Websites for Black Scholarships
Books and Video [DVD] for African American Children & Teens
A Better Today Brings A Brighter Tomorrow
Think Act: Proactive Black Parenting

Black Parenting Newsgroups
Black Parenting Advice
Black Woman and Child
Parenting Young, Gifted and Black Youth
Think Act: Proactive Black Parenting

Black Parenting Link Lists
Search Urban: "Black Parenting"
Search Google: "Black Parenting"
Search "Black Parenting"

African American Home Schoolers - Web Links
National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance
African American Homeschoolers Network
African American Home Schoolers Info Central
African American Unschooling
FUNgasa: Free Oneself!
The Magazine for African-American Home Educators

Black Parenting websites
Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association
African American Home Schooling Today
North Carolina African American Home Schoolers
Search on msoy: "African American Home School"

African American HomeSchooling Newsgroups
African-American Single Parent Homeschoolers
African American Home Schoolers
African American Homeschoolers Network
Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association
African-American Teens who unschool/homeschool

Additional African American Educational Resources
Black Curriculum Material and Resources
African American Educational Resources
Websites for Black Scholarships
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Books and Video [DVD] for African American Children
Black Books: African American Education
Black Books: Black History
Black Movies [DVD]: Black History
Black History Websites
African American History Club
Websites for African American Kids and Teens

African American Mothers - Web Links
Mahogany Momma: Maternity Guide for Black Pregnant WomenBlackMomsClub
Mahogany Momma Web Guides
Black Woman and Child Magazine
Black Women's Magazine Subscriptions
Black Mom eZine
Black Work At Home Moms
Black Mompreneurs
SoloMommy Magazine
Mommy Too
Search on msoy: "African American Mothers"

African American Stay-At-Home Moms - Web Links
Mocha Moms
Search Google on msoy: "Black Stay at home Moms"

African American Maternity, Prenatal Care, and ChildCare
resources for Black Mothers-to-Be / Pregnant Women of Color

Mahogany Momma: Maternity Guide for Black Pregnant WomenMaternity Guide for Mocha Moms, Mahogany Momma Web Guide #9, This prenatal guide was designed with new Black Moms in mind. It includes information about some of the best programs, books, sites, baby products, and resources for Pregnant Women of Color.
The Center for Black Women's Wellness: Perinatal and Pregnancy Services
Black Woman's Health: Breastfeeding
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Books for Black Women
Mocha Maternity
Noir Baby
Mommy Too!
Mahagony Baby
Help for African American Mommies to Be
African American Baby Clipart Images
More Black Parenting Resources
More African American Pregnancy / Maternity Links
Links: "African American Babies"
Links: "African American Childcare"

African American Adoptions
African American Adoption Online
African American Babies for Adoption
Foster Care Parenting for Black Women

Search Google on msoy: "African American Adoption"

African American Children - Web Links
Lil Bit's Online: African American Kids Site
Search on msoy: "African American Children"
Search Urban: "Black Kids and Teens"

African American Teens - Web Links
The Zine: Young Girls of Color 5-25
Search on msoy: "African American Teens"
Search Urban: "Black Teens"

African American Scholarships
Minority Student Scholarships (scholarship site)
Find Black Scholarship Websites Online
African American Scholarships and Fellowships - Scholarship Directory

Black Books on Scholarships, College, & Education
Black Student Scholarships
African Americans and Financial Aid
Black Education
Historically Black Colleges
Black College Students
Black Students
College Guides
Money for College
SAT Preparation
Sports Scholarships
Minority Student Scholarships
General College Scholarships

Financial Aid for Students of Color
Applying to College on a Budget
Financial Aid for International Students - Financial Aid Directory

Black Students Applying to College / In College
College and Career Goals: Internships for Students of Color
College Prep / Pre-College Programs for African American Students
Secrets of College Sucess for Black Students
Free CDs about Historically Black Colleges
Educational Resources for African American Students
College In and Out
Higher Learning for Black Students
College Board - Official Website

Featured Link for: Black Parenting

Black Woman and Child
Black Woman and Child is a new magazine dedicated to serving the interes...
  Black Woman and Child  

Black Parenting Blog
A Black Parenting Blog by work at home mom LaShanda Henry. Created for the Black Family (with mothers in mind) this Black Parenting Blog is all about raising Black | African American Children and building happy Black Families. Featured Topics include: Black Education, African American Children's Books, African American Pregnancy, Work at Home Moms, Black Marriages and Couples, discussion on African American baby, toddler and teen issues.
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Fostering a Positive Self-Concept in Black Children
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