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.Overview of Programs

A Village for Every Child
A Village for Every Child is the flagship program of . Our mission is to provide an alternative solution to the problem of leveling the academic playing field between privileged and underprivileged students. Each year there are thousands of disadvantaged students participating in youth programs and receiving a type of nurturing that effectively supplements their low-income lifestyles. Unfortunately for each child lucky enough to walk through the doors of supplemental education, there are countless others unaware that such doors exist. Beyond advocating for more programs, we need to improve community awareness and spread the word about the programs that exist.

Our initiatives include:

  1. A Million and One Programs: An online resource aimed at promoting over a million community outreach programs, aiming to reach its goal through the involvement of individuals who submit information about existing programs within their communities.
  2. Gift Givers: Philanthropists and youth advocates are encouraged to become an donor by identifying local churches, schools, and community groups that could benefit from the resource guide and donating books or Awareness Material (postcards, flyers, etc.) to young people within that organization.

Hip-Hop Helpers (
strives to be a vehicle for social change by creating a space in which we can discuss how the hip-hop generation brings positive growth and development back to the communities in which they were born.

I Deserve Better (IDM)
I Deserve Better is an online writing forum (coming soon) for disadvantaged youth and minority students. The IDB team is dedicated to improving the self esteem and social awareness of young people through the act of writing. IDM participants are encouraged to submit their writing to an ongoing collaborative publication that aims to:

  1. explore the flaws of the educational system therough the eyes of young people
  2. expose these young people to organizations that strive to correct/supplement these issues and concerns

College In and Out (CIAO)
The College In And Out (CIAO) Program aims to educate low-income families about the college application process. Co-founded by Lori Manning and LaShanda Henry, C.I.A.O. aims to correct the popular misconceptions about the accessibility of higher education to underprovided youth and help these students make informed decisions about their future.

The College In and Out Blog

Books for Black Kids: Find Useful College Guides

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