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Black Youth Links
Afrocentric Learning Tools: Black Education & Black Student Resources for Black Homeschoolers, Parents, Educators, Children, and Teens

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.Afrocentric Learning Tools
The mission of Afrocentric Learning Tools is to highlight products and services that aim to educate Black Students and promote the development of Multicultural educational tools. The site includes lesson plan ideas, product reviews, news and resources for Black parents, Educators of Black Students, and African American Homeschoolers. As well as entertainment and online activities for young black boys, girls, and older teens.

.Sites for Black Teens and Children
Positive, entertaining, and information websites for Black You

.Outreach of Color
African American Community Outreach Programs

.Black Educational Resources / websites

Educational sites for Black Students

.Movies for African American Teens
A Great Collection

.Cartoons / Movies for Black Children
A Great Collection

.African American Children's Books
A Great Collection

.The College In and Out Blog
A Resource Blog for Students of Color

The Black Parenting Blog
A Resource Blog for Black Parents

Scholarships for African American Students
Useful Scholarship Links for Black Students

.The Ezine
An Online Zine for young women of color ages 5-25. A great resources for black teens and African American Children; it features both entertaining and educational information.

.Hip Hop Helpers
A Listing of Urban Community Outreach Programs founded by Hip Hop Artists and other well-known African American Celebrities

Created by a group of committed public school parents, children's advocates, journalists and teachers, this website contains the inside scoop on schools. These dedicated individuals visit schools, speak with parents and teachers, and comb the media to present an independent and authoritative view of New York City schools.

.Successul Child
Successful Child.com will provide inspiration for you to develop a strategy for your child's long term personal and academic achievements.

.Books for Black Kids
A collection of texts about helping Black Students, Parents, and Educators understand Black Education, the College Process, Black Students in America, Black Parenting, etc.

Articles for Black Students and Black Parents

The ABT 2 Guide

Books for Black Kids

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